Maastricht – Heerlen – Herzogenrath line

The proposed urban regional metro around Aachen would realign the existing local services in southern Limburg, and replace the euregiobahn network. It would include a direct line Aachen – Heerlen, mostly in tunnel (orange line on the map).

A new link line Kohlscheid – Kerkrade would carry a second Aachen – Heerlen service. It is shown in blue: there are several options for the route through Kerkrade.

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Regional metro around Aachen

The remaining local service from Maastricht to Heerlen via Valkenburg can then be extended to Herzogenrath (line in red on the map). It would use the existing line from Landgraaf, via Eygelshoven-Markt, to Herzogenrath (built as part of the Sittard – Herzogenrath line in 1896.) This line is at present single-track and not electrified. Double-tracking and electrification is planned, for an Intercity service Eindhoven-Aachen.

At Merkstein, the single-track line joins the Aachen – Mönchengladbach line. It is at present underused, but increased traffic would require a grade-separated junction here, unless the line from Heerlen has its own tracks into the station. Bahnhof Herzogenrath has enough space for an extra terminal platform.

On the section across the river Wurm/Worm, the former Haanrade Station could be reopened. Despite the name, it was in fact in Eygelshoven, at the former Julia Mine (at Wolfsweg). The former mine is now an industrial zone.

The line Maastricht – Heerlen – Herzogenrath is 42 km long.

Maastricht – Heerlen – Herzogenrath line

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