Budapest Ferihegy airport line

A rail line to Ferihegy airport has long been planned. Options include a dedicated rail line for a shuttle service to Keleti Station, a light-rail line, and an extension of metro line 3. The proposal here is for two parallel lines, both leaving the existing line from Kőbánya-Kispest, and passing through the airport. The new station would be located near terminal 2. One line (in red) would be part of the proposed Budapest urban-regional metro, or ‘S-Bahn’. A connection to the existing line east of the airport is possible. So is an extension of the line to the north-east, to join the existing line toward Gyömrő and Nagykáta.

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New rail line through Ferihegy airport

The second line (shown in white) would be the start of a new high-speed line (HSL) to the south-east, partly along the M5 motorway. After leaving the airport, the HSL would turn south-east toward the M5, passing east of Vecsés. This line would ultimately be the main high-speed route to Serbia.

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HSL south-east from Ferihegy airport to M5 motorway

The airport station would become an interchange station for all trains entering Budapest, from the south and south-east: trains from there would run either to Keleti or Nyugati.

Budapest Ferihegy airport line

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