Warszawa urban-regional metro

Proposed here is a full urban-regional metro (S-Bahn, RER) network in Warszawa (Warsaw), with the existing cross-city line, linking existing routes into a single line on the right bank of the Vistula (Wisła), a ring or tangent line, and possibly a a new line north from the centre and a new line to Radzymin. It is associated with a proposed realignment of long-distance and regional services through the city, and expansion of the metro system.

Warsaw has suburban/local services on the main lines radiating from the city. The first line of a future S-Bahn network began operation in 2005, operated by a seperate company, SKM. Most services are operated by the Koleje Mazowieckie, owned by the PKP and the Region of Masovia. By line, anti-clockwise:

The 4-track east-west cross-city line carries urban and long-distance services, but there is no corresponding north-south line. Lines 9, 6, and 8 are connected to the cross-city line, by link lines outside the city centre. The cross-city line links the western Warszawa Zachodnia station, and the eastern Warszawa Wschodnia station. A new central station, Warszawa Centralna, was opened in 1975. Next to it is the suburban central station, Warszawa Śródmieście PKP.

A link line, line 20, from line 9 to lines 1 and 3, passes north of the central area, through Warszawa Gdańska station. This is no longer regularly used by long-distance trains. The Warszawa Wileńska station is small (3 tracks): the line to St. Petersburg was originally Russian gauge. Because of the break of gauge at the Polish border, which is also the EU border, it is no longer operated as a single line.

The first proposed new line would connect line 9 and line 7, through Warszawa Wschodnia station. Two alternatives are shown below, the easiest one follows Jagiellońska, with two stations at Zoo, and at Aleja Solidarności near the bridge (Most Śląsko-Dąbrowski) to the Old Town. The other alignment (green) would be more difficult, but closer to Wilenska station. Some demolition will be inevitable near Warszawa Wschodnia station, see the detail. That can be combined with the improvement of the curvature on the line form the station to the river (shown blue). The link allows the creation of a new north-south line, from Legionowo to Otwock, with full interchange at Warszawa Wschodnia.


The second proposal is to link the Zielonka line to the cross-city line, by a tunnel to Elsnerów, starting at the eastern end of Warszawa Wschodnia station. An approximate alignment is shown below, with a station to serve recent development in the area.

These two connections allow a simplification of the urban-regional network, to three lines on existing alignments.

A possible addition to this pattern is a second north-south line, west of the central area. This would start near Warszawa Służewiec station on line 8. The new alignment, in tunnel, would follow Aleja Żwirki i Wigury (the main road from the airport) toward Ochota Station on the cross-city line 448. From there, the tunnel would follow the line of the streets Towarowa, Okopowa and Popiełuszki, to Marymont, on metro line 1. From there it would follow highway 630 northward to Lomianki, a completely new rail alignment.


The proposal assumes the necessity of an S-Bahn to Lomianki, which would need to be confirmed. There is also a problem with urban-regional service on line 8, south of Warszawa Służewiec station. The urban development follows the main road, Ulica Puławska / highway 79. An alternative is to extend metro line 1 under this road to Piaseczno, to connect with rail services there, and to use line 8 through Służewiec station for long-distance and regional services only.

The line north of Służewiec could then be connected in tunnel to line 20, via Warszawa Zachodnia. This tunnel would be primarily for regional services.

Warszawa urban-regional metro

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