S-Bahn Mönchengladbach – Hückelhoven – Heinsberg

This proposal is complementary to the proposed regional rail line Roermond – Heinsberg – Düren, but each could be constructed independently of the other. If both were in operation, they would share tracks between Dremmen and Heinsberg.


There are two parallel rail lines alongside the river Roer / Rur, both at right angles to the main Aachen – Mönchengladbach rail line:


The proposal is to connect the two, by a new 4-km line across the Rur (beside the A46 autobahn). That would allow an S-Bahn service from Mönchengladbach to Heinsberg, via Rheydt, Erkelenz and Hückelhoven. The 38-km route could be integrated with an S-Bahn route north of Mönchengladbach Hbf, but that is not considered here.

From Mönchengladbach, S-Bahn trains would use the existing line, for 22 km, to Baal Gbf freight yard. Possibly, the existing passenger station Baal-Hückelhoven could be relocated to the old freight yard, allowing service of Baal by S-Bahn trains. Both locations are accessible from the housing in the village, but the existing station adjoins the (half-empty) business park.


From here, the existing single-track freight line would be doubled and upgraded. There would be three stations in the municipality of Hückelhoven (population 39 500):

  • at the village of Doveren (possibly on the site of the old halt)
  • in the centre of Hückelhoven: beside the roundabout on the Jülicher Strasse at the end of the Parkhofstrasse, or at the Haagstrasse.
  • between Millich and Schaufenberg, where the line crosses the Schaufenberger Strasse.


Before Ratheim, the Autobahn A46 crosses the line. Here, a new line would curve south-west, and then run alongside the A46. Where it crosses the main road (Millicher Strasse), beside junction 6, there would be a station serving Ratheim. The site is at the edge of the built-up area, but only 1000 m from the centre. The line has to cross the motorway, the road, and then the Rur river, so a viaduct seems the only option: some houses in Millich would be demolished.

South of the river, the new link would join the Heinsberger Bahn, east of Dremmen. Possibly, one or two industrial / commercial buildings would be demolished at the junction. From here, the alignment to Heinsberg is almost a straight line, with four distinct settlements: Dremmen, Grebben, Schafhausen and Heinsberg. There would be four stations, about 1500 m apart. The S-Bahn service would terminate at Heinsberg, at the original station site. (The proposed regional line to Roermond would enter a tunnel before this station). The four stations south of the Rur are all in the municipality of Heinsberg, which has a population of 41 000.


The total route length is 38 km. On the section Mönchengladbach – Baal, the station spacing is 4500 m. On the new/upgraded section Baal – Heinsberg it would be 1900 m, typical for an S-Bahn. The end-to-end journey time should be around 40-45 minutes.

S-Bahn Mönchengladbach – Hückelhoven – Heinsberg

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