High-speed rail line Tiranë – Shkodër

Updated 2016, new version: New rail line Tiranë – Shkodër.

High-speed rail line Tiranë – Shkodër

3 thoughts on “High-speed rail line Tiranë – Shkodër

  1. (a) who is proposing this?

    (b) has an economic or environmental requirement for improved passenger rail vs. bus service been demonstrated? For a brand-new alignment, I reckon you’d need to show sufficient ridership to support at least 4 trains per hour each way, all day long.

    (c) is the existing line at capacity? Is it single track or double track? Is there available right of way for two tracks plus bypass tracks at stations?

    (d) could speeds on the existing line be improved with track rehabilitation / new track plus upgraded signaling?

    (e) would funding used for a tunnel in the above proposal be better spent on grade separations for cross roads, or at least fully protected grade crossings?

    120km/h average speed with just three intermediate stops is not a technologically ambitious target, it’s not high speed rail. Given that Albania is a very poor country, the primary challenge will be funding.

    1. infrastruct says:

      Rafael, your California high-speed blog is informative, so here is a reply.

      a. Unless explicitly stated, all infrastructure proposals at this blog are proposed here, and not by anyone else.

      b. This blog never considers market forces or political feasibility, it simply makes infrastructure proposals, see ‘About the proposals”.

      c. The existing line was constructed to the standards of Hoxha’s Albania, it is derelict, and for all practical purposes non-existent.

      d. Near Tirana, a new line is probably easier, in all respects except clearance of the alignment (sprawl). The proposal does include upgrading of the line, north of Mamurras.

      e. If you look at Google Earth, you will see that there is so much sprawl near Tirana, that there would be a crossing every 200 m or so. This blog never considers funding anyway.

      I corrected the journey time to ‘under 40 minutes’ That is 135 km/h, which is accurate enough for a regional service operating on a new HSL. One comparison is the Montabaur – Limburg service on the Köln-Frankfurt HSL, 9 minutes for 21,4 km or 143 km/h, but that is using an ICE unit.

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