Lines around Subotica and Szeged

This item simply lists the rail infrastructure proposals centred on the cities of Subotica and Szeged. Both would be served by the proposed high-speed line from Budapest, which would split south of Kecskemét. The high-speed line (HSL) via Subotica would continue to Beograd (Belgrade). The HSL to Szeged would use the existing route via Kikinda, to Timişoara.

The other lines with proposed upgrading, and new lines or sections, are:

upgraded line Baja – Subotica – Szeged, 101 km

upgraded line Subotica – Sombor, 61 km

fast inter-regional line Subotica – Senta – Kikinda, 76 km

Szeged – Bečej – Novi Sad regional line, 132 km

upgraded Szeged – Békéscsaba line

Szeged – Makó – Arad regional line

regional line Szeged – Lovrin – Timişoara

Kikinda – Lovrin – Arad

See the related list of lines on the Central Alföld, which partly overlaps with this list.

Lines around Subotica and Szeged

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