Novska – Dubica regional rail line

Local rail line from Novska with new track into DubicaNovska is 105 km from Zagreb, on the main rail line to Belgrade. At present, Novska station is the junction with another rail line from Zagreb, via Sisak and Sunja. Both lines run parallel: the Belgrade line north of the Sava river, the Sisak line south of it. (Click map to enlarge).

A new link across the Sava is planned, which would downgrade the status of Novska, as a junction station. The officially planned alignment is from Sunja toward Lipovljani. The version proposed here earlier, would cross the Sava from Sisak to Kutina, a more logical route between larger towns.

North of the Sava, the main line would be upgraded, and a parallel high-speed line built, from Zagreb to Vinkovci and Belgrade. On this route Novska would be served by regional trains only: it has about 7000 inhabitants, with 14 000 in the municipality.

These changes leave the line Sunja – Novska with only a regional function. It runs through a thinly populated area, with a few small villages. The only town on this section is Dubica, with about 15 000 inhabitants. This town has three names, for Croats, Serbs and Bosnians: Hrvatska Dubica, Kosarska Dubica, Bosanska Dubica. It is on the Una river south bank, in the Republika Srpska. The station is in open fields, several kilometres away, on the other side of the river, and in Croatia.

Ignoring the borders and the political situation, the best option is to extend the line to Dubica. That requires 5 km of single track, and a simple terminal station, beside the existing bridge over the Una. The station is then within walking distance of the town centre.

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Regional rail line Bosanska Dubica - Novska, with relocated station

The line would carry a shuttle service to Novska. The only village on this line across the Sava flood plain is Jasenovac, with about 800 inhabitants. The remaining line Dubica – Sunja would carry a residual service, perhaps terminating at Sisak, the largest town in the region (38 000 inhabitants).

Novska – Dubica regional rail line

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