Update: rail line Nijmegen – Kleve

An official report on re-opening of the rail line between Nijmegen and Kleve is now available:

Eindrapport studie reactivering spoorlijn Nijmegen-Kleve

The study considered three variants from Nijmegen: tram to Kleve, a form of light rail to Weeze airport, or train to the airport. Extension of the existing train service from Krefeld into Nijmegen was not considered, nor was reopening of the old line Kleve – Xanten. The report rejects a new line to the airport at Weeze: too few passengers. Ultimately the choice is a tram or a ‘tram-train’ between Nijmegen and Kleve, but service would be minimal: every 30 minutes.

The proposals here go much further: a regional tram line Nijmegen – Kleve alongside the main road, and a separate rail line Nijmegen – Kleve – Xanten with a new tunnel under the Rhine into Wesel. The line from Krefeld to Kleve would be extended to Arnhem via another new tunnel or bridge.

Update: rail line Nijmegen – Kleve

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