New rail line Szentes – Orosháza

A new 30-km cut-off line, would upgrade Hungarian line 147 east of Szentes, to allow a new regional service Kecskemét – Kiskunfélegyháza – Csongrád – Szentes – Orosháza. In combination with the proposed Kecskemét – Békéscsaba regional line, it would create two good regional lines, east and south-east of Kecskemét. (With a population of 110 000, this is the largest urban centre in the region).

The local lines on the Alföld (Great Hungarian Plain), are of low quality, often winding from village to village. Line 147 does serve urban centres, but its alignment east of Szentes is so bad, that replacement is the only option. (It is more of an inter-local tram line, than a railway).

Rural halt at Pusztatemplom, image under CC3.0 licence by Beroesz

Rural halt on rail line 147, Hungary

Trains would use the upgraded main line from Kecskemét to Kiskunfélegyháza. This is the route of the proposed high-speed line Budapest – Novi Sad – Beograd. With four tracks, the line would have sufficient capacity for a new regional service.

From Kiskunfélegyháza, the existing 39-km line through Csongrád (population 18 000), and Szentes (population 29 000), would be doubled and electrified. (The line between the two towns could possibly be realigned, with a new Tisza bridge).

Realigned line 147…

Hungarian rail line 147 with new section Szentes - Orosháza.

The new alignment would begin just south of Szentes Station, where line 147 diverges from line 130. It would run in an almost straight line to Orosháza. Only a slight diversion is needed, to pass south of Nagymágocs village. With 3500 inhabitants, this village would have the only intermediate station. From there, the new line would simply follow the main road to Orosháza.

New cutoff, superimposed on Austro-Hungarian military map of around 1910.

Cut-off section on Hungarian rail line 147, between Szentes and Orosháza.

In the built-up area of Orosháza, the new alignment would rejoin the existing line, just before its junction with line 135 from Szeged. An alignment through the built-up area is possible, through a low-density area just south of the main road (Szentesi út). The line could go on viaduct here, for about 1500 m. The station at Orosháza is about 1200 m from the junction of lines 135 and 147.

New alignment in Orosháza…

New alignment of rail line 147 through Orosháza.

Orosháza has a population of 30 000. It is on the Szeged – Békéscsaba line, about 60 km from Szeged. That line would be upgraded to a fast double-track electric inter-regional line. It would be an extension of the upgraded line Baja – Subotica – Szeged, itself connected to the proposed high-speed line from Pécs to Baja.

The other rail lines into Orosháza Station, are the northern and southern sections of line 125. The northern section would be extended from Mezőtúr to Kisújszállás and on to Karcag, and the southern section reconnected to Arad in Romania.

New rail line Szentes – Orosháza

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