Regional rail line Gyoma – Dévaványa – Karcag

Regional rail line Gyoma - Dévaványa - Karcag, part on old line

This regional line would provide a new north-south link between two main lines, on the the Alföld or Great Hungarian Plain. It would connect Gyoma, on the main Budapest – Romania line ( line 120), to Karcag, on the main line Budapest – Debrecen (line 100).

With interchange at Gyoma, the new line would link Békéscsaba (population 65 000), to north-eastern Hungary. Functionally, it is a replacement for the existing line 128 – an extremely winding route, from Békéscsaba to the rural junction of Püspökladány. At Gyoma, the new link would also connect with the proposed regional line to Oradea (in Romania).

The new regional line would use the existing alignment of line 127, to Dévaványa. This section would otherwise be defunct, after construction of the proposed 21-km cutoff, from Gyoma station to Körösladány. This cutoff is an essential feature of the restructured line to Oradea.

Dévaványa is a large village with 8000 inhabitants. From there, the new line would run north, following the abandoned Kisújszállás – Gyoma railway. After Ecsegfalva, there would be a new section to Karcag, joining the main line about 500 m from the station. The entire line runs through flat, open agricultural land. There might be one extra station at Ecsegfalva, but this village has only 1300 inhabitants. There are no other settlements on the route.

The function of the line is not to serve one village, but to connect other lines. That justifies a new electrified line across open country. Most passengers would use the main main line 120 north from Békéscsaba, and change at Gyoma. This station serves the adjoining villages of Gyoma and Endrőd (combined population 14 000).

From Karcag, most passengers would continue via main line 100, toward Debrecen. From Karcag, line 103 to Tiszafüred offers a connection toward Eger: more on that line later. Karcag would also be the terminus of the proposed regional line from Orosháza and Mezőtúr.

Regional rail line Gyoma - Dévaványa - Karcag, and connections

The proposed new line is 49-50 km long. That includes 18 km of existing line to Dévaványa, and 12 km of reopened line to Ecsegfalva. The new alignment from there to Karcag would be about 19-20 km long. Given the straight alignments, and with one intermediate station, journey time could be 30 minutes or less.

Regional rail line Gyoma – Dévaványa – Karcag

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