Regional rail lines between Schwerin, Rostock, and Neubrandenburg

The rail infrastructure proposals here, for the triangle Hamburg – Berlin – Szczecin, include new high-speed rail routes – from Schwerin to Rostock, and from Rostock to Berlin via Neubrandenburg. This post looks at the restructuring of the regional and inter-regional services, on the existing lines between Schwerin, Rostock, Neubrandenburg and Neustrelitz. That requires upgrading of existing infrastructure. Read first the general introduction: New rail infrastructure north of Berlin.

The proposed high-speed lines would carry all long-distance traffic, from Rostock to Schwerin and Rostock to Neubrandenburg. That is the main change in the service pattern. The remaining services can be simplified as:

  • regional line Schwerin – Rostock via Bützow
  • fast interregional line Schwerin – Güstrow – Neubrandenburg – Szczecin
  • regional line Rostock – Güstrow – Neubrandenburg
  • regional line Rostock – Güstrow – Neustrelitz

Regional rail lines Schwerin /Rostock /  Neubrandenburg, through Güstrow.

In addition, line 2 of the Rostock S-Bahn runs from Rostock to Güstrow via Schwaan (34 km). From late 2012, line 3 will run to Güstrow via Laage and Plaaz (40 km). Service is poor, but the network itself is appropriate. The S-Bahn, the three regional lines, and the inter-regional line, would connect Schwerin, Rostock, Neubrandenburg and Neustrelitz, with an interchange at Güstrow (population 30 000).

Rail infrastructure improvement

The Schwerin – Bad Kleinen – Rostock line is already double-track and electrified. A regional service Schwerin – Rostock is possible without further upgrading.

The fast interregional service Schwerin – Neubrandenburg – Szczecin would use that line to Bützow, then the Bützow – Szczecin line through Güstrow. That requires an upgrade for higher speed on the line to Bützow, double track on the Bützow – Güstrow section, and reconstruction of Güstrow station. East of Güstrow, the line must be doubled as far as Lalendorf, and electrified and double-tracked from there past Teterow. From the junction with the proposed 40-km cut-off line from Laage, trains to Szczecin would use the parallel high-speed line to Neubrandenburg.

The line would connect to the proposed HSL Neubrandenburg – Szczecin. The fast Schwerin – Szczecin trains would serve Bad Kleinen and Güstrow, and possibly Teterow or Malchin. It is not necessary that they serve Bützow, and a bypass of the sharp curve there is an option.

Bützow bypass…

Bypass of Bützow for fast trains Schwerin - Neubrandenburg - Szczecin.

The regional services to Neubrandenburg and Neustrelitz would run through Güstrow, as at present. That requires double-tracking of the Schwaan – Güstrow line, and a grade-separated junction at Schwaan.

The regional service to Neubrandenburg would also use the upgraded line Güstrow – Teterow. The existing line from there to Neubrandenburg would be electrified. The section through Malchin and Stavenhagen, might form part of the HSL Rostock – Neubrandenburg, as Ausbaustrecke. In that case, it could also be used by regional trains, since there are only two intermediate stations.

The regional service to Neustrelitz would use the Lloydbahn line, which is already double-track and electrified, as the existing main line to Rostock. The junction with the Lloydbahn is at Lalendorf, and it could be improved with a bypass of Lalendorf station, but that is not a precondition for improved services.

The improvements proposed here assume much higher service frequencies than at present – at least every 30 minutes for regional and inter-regional services, and a minimum 15-minute frequency for the S-Bahn lines to Güstrow.

Regional rail lines between Schwerin, Rostock, and Neubrandenburg

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