Regional rail line Schwerin – Rehna – Lübeck

The single-track railway from Schwerin toward Lübeck ends ‘temporarily’ at the village of Rehna. There was not enough money to build the missing section to Schönberg. 110 years on, there is still no money, but it will be “studied”, according to the new regional plan, Regionalen Raumentwicklungsprogrammes Westmecklenburg. Completion of the line is considered here, as part of a series of proposals for the triangle Hamburg – Berlin – Szczecin. Read first the introduction, on new rail infrastructure north of Berlin.

The proposed high-speed rail line Schwerin – Lübeck would carry all traffic between the two urban regions. The line via Rehna would then have a purely regional function. (It could carry a regional service through Schwerin to Parchim, as at present).

Missing link Rehna - Schönberg on the railway from Schwerin to Lübeck.

Besides construction of the missing section Rehna – Schönberg, the line should be electrified and upgraded. The present line speed is low: Rehna – Schwerin takes 45 minutes, for only 34 km. With a more intensive service on this line, and other proposed lines into Schwerin, the capacity of the line through Schwerin itself would also be a problem. A city-centre tunnel on the existing alignment seems the only solution, but that is not considered further here.

The missing section is about 11 km long. Rehna station is at the edge on the village, and there are no built-up areas to obstruct the alignment. The line would roughly follow the B104, passing only the small village of Roduchelstorf. (With only 250 inhabitants, it seems too small to justify a station). The new section would join the existing line east of Schönberg, probably near the B104 over-bridge. The earlier proposal for a high-speed rail line Lübeck – Rostock would require a bypass of the curves at Schönberg, but would not obstruct completion of the line from Rehna.

Regional rail line Schwerin – Rehna – Lübeck

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