Regional rail line Schwerin – Parchim – Neustadt (Dosse)

This regional rail line south-east from Schwerin is part of a series of proposals for the triangle Hamburg – Berlin – Szczecin. Read first the introduction, on new rail infrastructure north of Berlin.

The new line would combine three existing local lines:

To connect them, the abandoned line Parchim – Putlitz would be ‘reopened’ – in fact rebuilt on the old alignment. It was built in two sections: Parchim – Suckow (19,4 km) in Mecklenburg, and the 12-km Putlitz – Suckow section in Brandenburg.

The abandoned line Parchim – Putlitz near Nettelbeck, image by Niteshift under CC3.0 licence

The line was abandoned after the Second World War. The alignment was later cut by the A24 Autobahn, but otherwise it is still available. In places, a new alignment might be easier to build – especially north of Suckow, where the new line could run alongside the A24.

The line is shown in brown on the diagram below. It would cross two lateral lines: the existing line Ludwigslust – Waren (light green), and a restored through line Wittenberge – Neustrelitz (in red). It would also cross the re-routed Güstrow – Karow – Wittenberge line, shown in blue. (Before closure, local trains from Güstrow ran to Neustadt: restoration of that route does not preclude a Schwerin – Neustadt service).

Rural regional lines in the Berlin / Schwerin / Rostock region.

At Pritzwalk, the line would have interchange toward Berlin, via the Prignitz line (in orange). At the southern end, at Neustadt (Dosse), the line would connect to the main line Hamburg – Berlin. Neustadt was historically a minor rail junction: with restored (and more frequent) regional services, the station would need an extra platform.

The complete line would be 136 km long. The only completely new infrastructure required, is a new curve east of Pritzwalk station, toward Sarnow. It would avoid a reversal at Pritzwalk, and slightly shorten the route.

Regional rail line Schwerin – Parchim – Neustadt (Dosse)

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