Regional rail line Wismar – Karow – Waren

This regional rail line south-east from Wismar to Karow and Waren is part of a series of proposals for the triangle Hamburg – Berlin – Szczecin. Read first the introduction, on new rail infrastructure north of Berlin.

The proposal is to reopen the Wismar – Karow railway, which diverges from the Wismar – Rostock line at Hornstof, 5 km east of Wismar. Part of the 71-km line still carries freight, but most has been abandoned. At Karow, trains from Wismar would join the existing Ludwigslust – Waren rail line , which at present carries trains from Hagenow to Neustrelitz. The restored Wismar – Karow line would cross the proposed Lübeck – Rostock high-speed rail line east of Wismar, but otherwise the two proposals are independent of each other.

With the 34 km Karow – Waren section, the route would be 105 km long: it is shown dark green on the diagram below. The region has a low population density: the line would serve small towns, about 10-15 km apart, but it does not link any large cities.

Rural regional lines in the Berlin / Schwerin / Rostock region.

However, the eastern part of the line runs through the Mecklenburg lake region. At Karow, the line would cross a restored north-south Güstrow – Karow – Pritzwalk line (in blue on the diagram). With interchange there (and at Waren), the re-opened line could provide access to this recreational and tourist region.

In any case, the line would cross the double-track Schwerin – Rostock Line at Blankenberg. Passengers from Karow could change there for trains to Schwerin – the historical pattern of service.

Regional rail line Wismar – Karow – Waren

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