Regional rail line Wittenberge – Neustrelitz

Restoration of passenger services on the regional rail line Wittenberge – Neustrelitz is part of a series of proposals for the triangle Hamburg – Berlin – Szczecin. Read first the introduction, on new rail infrastructure north of Berlin.

The line is part of the Wittenberge – Strasburg line, which is disused between Wittstock and Mirow.

Wittenberge – Strasburg line, image by NordNordWest under CC3.0 licence

Through service would be logical in combination with an upgraded line Berlin – Neuruppin – Wittstock – Wittenberge (Prignitz line), and a restored regional rail line from Güstrow to Karow and Wittenberge. At Pritzwalk it would cross a new through service Schwerin – Parchim – Neustadt (Dosse).

All these proposals include electrification, and upgrading of the single-track rural lines. The Wittenberge – Pritzwalk section would carry three services, and should be double-tracked.

Regional rail line Wittenberge – Neustrelitz

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