High-speed rail line Stralsund – Szczecin

This Stralsund – Szczecin high-speed rail line (HSL) is part of a series of proposals for the triangle Hamburg – Berlin – Szczecin. Read first the introduction: New rail infrastructure north of Berlin.

The existing route Stralsund – Szczecin is via the junction station at Pasewalk, and the main new infrastructure is a northern bypass of that station. The bypass was proposed here earlier, as part of a Neubrandenburg – Szczecin HSL. It would connect upgraded lines east and west of Pasewalk.

Northern bypass of Pasewalk with HSL junction…

Northern bypss of Pasewalk for high-speed trains.

High-speed trains from Stralsund would use an additional curve onto the bypass. They would reach it via the existing Stralsund main line, already double-track and electrified. Upgrading from Stralsund to Greifswald was proposed here earlier, as part of a HSL Neubrandenburg – Stralsund. For high-speed services to Szczecin, the section Greifswald – Pasewalk would also be upgraded, as far as the bypass.

Trains on both high-speed routes would use an upgraded version of the existing line toward Szczecin, or possibly a parallel HSL. In both cases, the bypass would shorten the route, and avoid Pasewalk station.

Fast trains from Stralsund would stop at Greifswald: the other 20 intermediate stations would be served by regional trains. An extra stop at Anklam would contradict the aim of a fast service to Szczecin. Fast inter-regional services from Berlin, the successors to the current Regional-Express, could stop at both Anklam and Pasewalk.

High-speed rail line Stralsund – Szczecin

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